No Worries Barcelona


To make sure you don’t have to worry about anything we include these services:



To make your vacation in Catalunya run smooth we can help you out with all kinds of transportation. Depending on the size of your group and goals of your holiday we can arrange the cool wheels that take you all over the place.

For the smaller groups up to 16 persons we have the No Worries shuttle bus service with our own drivers, who´ll take you from the airport to your accommodation and all the fun and adventures activities during your holiday. We can be at your service day and night.

Should your group be a bit bigger, then we can arrange either a mini bus or coach with driver and a No Worries tour guide to make sure that you get to the right place and get the best information on what to see and do, and where to get the most delicious food and drinks.

For people that like more freedom on their holiday we can help with renting a nice car with the best service and the right insurance, so that you can happily cruise down the coast.

When you ask us for a quote on a package or accommodation we will include a section with the possibilities and prices for our transport services.



Over the years of having our Bed & Breakfast we got a lot of experience with cooking delicious dishes for small and big groups. A barbecue party or a huge paella for 30 or 50 persons is easy as pie for us. If you are staying at one of the No Worries accommodations and you don´t feel like cooking, or treating your family and friends to something special, then we can bring out the pots and pans, and fix up a feast for everyone.

With a lot of our package deals we included all the food and drinks that is consumed at the No Worries accommodation. This means that the refrigerator is always filled with cold sodas, juices and alcoholic drinks like beer, wine and cava. A buffet breakfast, lunch, dinner, in between snacks or fruit, and tapas in the evening are also included in the deals. We like to make sure that all our guests are well satisfied when it comes down to food and drinks.

During some of the activities that we do outside the accommodation tapas and drinks are included, but if not, then of course we do know the right places to go to get you a nice hearty meal. Never hesitate to ask us for direction to a great restaurant or tapas bar.

When you ask us for a quote on a package or accommodation we will include a section with the possibilities and prices for our catering services.



All the No Worries accommodations have WiFi, sounds systems, some instruments and outdoor and indoor games for young and old, so there is no need to get bored.

If you are with a big group, then we don´t mind setting up a party night with interactive live music, DJs and disco lights, snacks and cocktails, and maybe a few fun games  to get the party started. Just a great night at your accommodation, so that everybody can relax and retire whenever they feel like it.

Should you all like a good night out on the town, then we can arrange either a pub crawl, private bar or entree to the best night clubs in Barcelona, Vilanova or Sitges. The No Worries team can always be close by to help with transport and chaperoning your group.

Just let us know what you and your group like to do during your vacation, and we can suggest the best places to go, or set up a party night for you all. Of course if it is somebody birthday, then we take care of the cake!!